Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Sheffield mon amour

This post is not entirely related to anything im working on at the moment, but having stumbled across some old fanzines I found myself nostalgic for Sheffield.

Sheffield, someone once said 'looks like it was designed to withstand a nuclear war' which is perhaps why it was chosen as the setting for one of the most grotesque depctions of nuclear war I have ever watched, Threads. Sheffield is almost impossibly ugly, which is part of the reason why it is one of the best places on earth. The city planners set up a cultural industries quarter to attract creative businesses into a rundown part of the's first tenant? Spearmint Rhino.

Hyde Park

Not quite as salubrious as it's London namesake, Sheffield's Hyde Park was one of the most ambitious post-war housing schemes conceived. It's sheer size and bulk alone is impressive.

Kelvin Flats

Snaking along one of the main roads towards the centre, Kelvin was about half a kilometre long and 13 storeys tall. Wish I had a chance to run round here with my camera before they flattened it!

Park Hill

Still standing although its currently been turned into 'luxury city living' by urban splash.

City Centre

Lovely 60s greasy spoon cafe in the markets.
The Odeon on the left, Roxy Disco on the Right (now carling acadamy)
Inside one of the Castle Market halls.
Most of the current centre was built in the 50s and 60s with castle markets and the moor.
Castle markets today. Like elephant and castle shopping centre but not quite as nice.


Lots of cool industrial megastructures in the Don Valley, although most have been flattened and turned into distribution sheds. Sheffield actually still produces as much steel as it always has done, although the industry employs far fewer people due to automation. (cooling towers now demolished)

Cooling towers and Tinsley Viaduct motorway

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